AZ Certified Appraisal Group Services

The following is an example of reasons that AZ Certified Appraisal Group performs personal property appraisals:

  • Estate Settlements
  • Charitable Donations
  • Bank and Private Trust – when inventory and documentation is necessary
  • Insurance Evaluations
  • Property Settlements Due to Divorce
  • Bankruptcy Evaluations
  • Probate
  • Business Equipment Valuations

What Type of Appraisal Do You Need?

Insurance appraisals: This appraisal will provide the necessary documentation to substantiate the existence, condition and replacement value of your belongings. It is wise to have an appraisal done on a fairly regular basis, as values change frequently.

Charitable donation appraisals:  This is required by the IRS for anything above $5000 that has been given to a charitable institution.

Estate appraisals: This appraisal is necessary for any taxable estate. It is necessary to evaluate and  catalogue the property providing an appraisal that meets IRS requirements.

Equitable distribution appraisal: This appraisal is used to help settle divorces or estates.

Trust or will inventory appraisal: This appraisal should be included when there will be a distribution or evaluation of personal property.

Furniture & Antique appraisals: It can be more than sentimental value.

How We Perform Your Appraisal:

The Examination:

We examine all the property that will be included in the final report. We note and evaluate the property conditions and measurement.


Digital images are taken to document the item’s existence and aid in research. Photographs are included in the final report.


Values are based upon comparable sales and history for each item depending on the type of appraisal being performed. Research time is the time taken to identify marks, labels, dates, locating and analyzing comparable items, investigating necessary markets and if necessary, consulting experts.


An AZ Certified Appraisal Group report consists of:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Transmittal letter
  • Definition of value
  • Approach to value
  • Appraisal certification
  • Privacy statement
  • Limiting conditions
  • Liabilities
  • Client acceptance

How We Charge for Appraisals

We are happy to discuss our fees with you prior to setting an appraisal appointment.

Disposition on testimony work is an additional charge.

Expenses for travel are billed separately.

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